Artist Statement

A life in Alaska has inspired me to work with nature in my printmaking, from landscapes to studies of indigenous plants and animals. While my instinct is to create the whimsical or humorous, I am equally drawn to realistic portrayals. Printmaking has offered me a means to share my vision of objects, places and abstract creations with others. I seek out the intriguing. I guide my viewer’s experience with emphasis on elements that bring the image to life… a subtle glimpse into what attracts my own attention. My prints encompass diverse concepts - simple, complex, natural or stylized. A favorite challenge is to integrate spatial and shading balance in each composition. Perhaps an aquatint subduing the hard lines of an etching or colors to set the value of an image while also giving it depth and life. Establishing contours that give the eye a path to follow and a place to land. Setting my images apart - sharp clean lines executed with great attention to detail. And always, I title with intention, seeking to draw the viewer into my tale with the power and clarity of a proper naming.

Scott Holladay's Submissions