Artist Statement

I am currently a senior majoring in Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. As a graphic designer, I take a strong interest in incorporating my design, typography and computer skills into my printmaking processes. In all of my work, I tend to focus on issues with the environment or human rights, more specifically I like to focus on issues with climate change. It is a topic that I find interesting because it is one of the most continually debated issues over if it is real or if it is fake. When the media wastes our time bickering over whether climate change exists; it draws us away from the fact that something is happening to the earth. The climate is changing no mater if man or Mother Nature created it, and it puts different animal spices and humans in more danger everyday. With my work, I try to focus on that part of climate change, the part that often gets ignored by the non-believers. I think that even if you think climate change is a sham, you should at least be able to face that fact that the world is getting warmer and the oceans are raising, which creates threatening situations for every living thing on this earth.

Sarah's Submissions